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Enubis Corp™ located in the USA and Activus™ in Argentina collaborate with each other, generating a strong synergy that positively impacts the services provided to their clients. We apply a work methodology with a standardized, systemic and qualitative-quantitative approach. We believe that true growth occurs when the right technical tools are used, accompanied by a change in business culture.

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Leonardo Salimbeni
Expert consultant in Strategic Marketing and Services Marketing. Experience in analysis, business planning and Strategic Management. With a great vocation for teaching, for 9 years he has been in charge of 6 subjects at the University of Salvador.

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Guillermo Alfonso Peppino
(Exclusive partner in Ecuador)
Public relations. Brand representative

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Sergio Salimbeni
More than 20 years working in Industrial and Management Engineering, Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0. He is a Professor and Researcher @ USAL, UEES, UNR and UCU. Electronic Engineer, with MBA and Doctor in Business Administration and Doctor in Industrial Engineering

Collaborators at Activus™

  • Camila Montero de la Vega.
    Graduate in Administration and Chemical Technique specialized in processes. Project Manager 
  • Angelic Reyes Chirino
    Industrial engineering. Specialist in Project Management and Business Processes. Quality Analyst. 

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We are a company that studies and designs models to improve the management of organizations in order to achieve their growth and sustainability.

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