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Global Business.

If you are looking to expand the borders of your company, we offer you a service with full management in international logistics and brand representation in the United States.

Representation and Agency of products and services for the US territory.

Looking to expand your business?
We can be the representatives of your company for the territory of the United States. We look for the prospects and businesses most suitable for your company profile, we promote your brand and we accompany you in the negotiation process until its closing.

Comprehensive International Logistics Management for impo-expo to and from the US.

If you want to import or export products from or to the United States, but lack the human and/or logistical resources to do so, we make it possible. We offer a Comprehensive Commercial Management of International Logistics service.
- We initiate contact with the client / supplier.
- We negotiate commercial conditions.
- We manage customs logistics.
- We carry out the turnkey impo-expo (Through our partner).

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We are a company that studies and designs models to improve the management of organizations in order to achieve their growth and sustainability.

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