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Improve your management and driving skills. Improve your business performance by training your employees.

Management and Planning
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Academic and Univ. Training

Commercial management seeks to define the set of activities and strategies to be implemented with the objective of promoting and marketing products effectively, seeking to increase customer satisfaction and optimize commercial processes.
Knowing and understanding our current and potential clients and the competitive environment will allow us to create a Business Plan or a Marketing Plan, which offers several benefits that more than compensate for the investment of time:
• The process of thinking and writing the plan provides clarity about the business.
• If investment is needed from external sources, investors will want to see a plan that demonstrates a solid understanding and vision of the business.
• The plan will help prioritize the most important tasks.
• As the business expands, the plan provides a solid knowledge base for sustainable growth.
This is why it is extremely important for professionals to have certain knowledge about Strategic Management and Marketing, which allows them to lay solid foundations for the development of their company or business in a profitable and sustainable manner.

Frequently in the tourism sector it is believed that marketing and sales are the same. In general, the sales staff is the most visible while those non-"promotional" marketing areas work without even being noticed by customers. Likewise, it is common to observe that many confuse marketing with promotion and advertising. In reality, sales are a function of marketing and advertising one of the seven variables of the so-called services marketing mix.
Throughout the course we will break down some components of strategic and tactical marketing, to analyze them from the perspective of the tourism industry, a sector with its own characteristics that deserves to address certain aspects with a different vision.

It integrates sales and its management, while illustrating how the marketing organization must function as a team, working with customers and other stakeholders to develop solutions to problems and seek opportunities.

The objective of this workshop is to offer the theoretical bases and the necessary practice for the application of a systematic technique in Sales.

Quality customer service is made up of a set of fundamental strategies to guarantee full customer satisfaction, and therefore guarantee the life of our company.

Who is it intended for:
Professionals and heads of commercial departments, executives in general, consultants and professionals who participate in commercial activities.

We provide Courses and Workshops aimed at the support and development of Future Professionals in areas such as Business Administration, Commercialization / Marketing, Industrial Engineering and Business Management among others.
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The Enubis team has more than 15 years in training professionals in both the business and academic fields. We have accompanied professionals from different areas in goods and services companies in their growth and trained professionals in private and state universities.

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